Thursday, May 31, 2012

Condo Furniture: Living Room .... Sofa? Chaise? or both!!??

As per usual I haven't been able to find my ideal piece of living room furniture, so I might have to change my mind. 

I decided yesterday that I wanted to look at a particular chaise sofa in Leon's tonight after work, but they didn't have the one I wanted to see. The sales staff in Leon's are like piranhas!!! The one man followed us everywhere we went! 

Earlier today I went into Bowring and saw this absolutely fabulous couch! I'm in love!! 

Lauren Sofa - Bowring

Isn't it just the most elegant sofa you have ever seen? The cashmere fabric is goregous, I can only describe it as being luscious! Sorry friends, for this fabric, I'm going to opt out of a sofa bed! It comes in an absolutely huge variety of fabrics and colours! I could get the grey or black shade that I want, the only downside.... it takes 6-8 weeks, so I could end up being couch-less for about 4-6 weeks... with my fingers crossed of course! 

I also need to find out exactly how wide it is and if it would fit in the way that I want to position in. A second look is a must! 

The other idea I've been mulling over is getting a chaise lounge chair in addition to a sofa because I'm not sure I can live without a chaise... a bit dramatic? maybe, but so what! I can do what I want in my own place right! Especially if I won't have a sofa for 4-6 weeks, I'm going to need something to sit on!! 

I could get a chaise similar to this one in addition to the sofa. I will not be getting a white sofa! Not a chance! I drink too many pink & red beverages for that to be safe! 

I like the size and shape of this chaise but I absolutely detest the pattern!! 

I would have to get this chaise recovered before I brought it home, I'm going to call and ask them if it comes in any other colours..... because this pattern is not coming anywhere near me!! 

Here's another chaise from Ikea, but it's huge and I think would look really cheap next to the elegant cashmere lauren sofa from Bowring. 

It's an option if anyone is looking for a chaise but it won't work for me. There is a Karlstad chaise as well but I it won't work with the look I'm going for either. Thus far I have ruled out sears (online) and ikea for chaise lounges. Bowring doesn't have any so it's back to the drawing board because I don't really like the angle of the one at the Brick. 

Any suggestions on where I could look for a fabulous but not outrageously expensive chaise lounge?? 


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