Tuesday, January 31, 2012

These are a few of my most favourite things

Always remember what you really like <3 

Fairy Tales




good friends

Monday, January 30, 2012

Justice has prevailed

If any of you have been following the Shafia murder case in Kingston Ontario, you will be pleased to know that all three of these animals have been given life sentences.

The follow excerpts are from the Toronto Star:

"Mohammad Shafia: Guilty on four counts of first-degree murder.
Tooba Mohammad Yahya: Guilty on four counts of first-degree murder.

Hamed Shafia: Guilty on four counts of first degree murder.

And may the devil s—t on their graves.

In our country, men and women are equal. A female’s life is worth as much as a male’s.

In our country, femicide is homicide.

In our country, even the most wicked and palpably culpable of defendants are guaranteed a fair trial, a vigorous defence, which is what these three grotesque individuals got, with all the courtesy and respect court could offer.

And Justice Robert Maranger, who presided over a trial that began last October, clearly concurred with the verdict.

Glaring at the defendants, now the convicted felons, the judge intoned: “It is difficult to conceive of a more despicable, more heinous, more honourless crime".

“There is nothing more honourless than the deliberate murder of, in the case of Mohammad Shafia, three of his daughters and his wife; in the case of Tooba Yahya, three of her daughters and a stepmother to all her children; in the case of Hamed Shafia, three of his sisters and a mother."

“The apparent reason behind these cold-blooded, shameful murders was that the four completely innocent victims offended your twisted concept of honour, a notion of honour that is founded upon the domination and control of women, a sick notion of honour that has absolutely no place in any civilized society".

“For these crimes, for these murders, the sentence is mandatory as set out in the Criminal Code of Canada — imprisonment without eligibility of parole for a period of 25 years — and that’s the sentence of the court for each of you.’’

Justice — 31 months removed from mass homicide at the Kingston Mills Locks.

Justice and vindication for Zainab, Sahar and Geeti Shafia, for Rona Amir Mohammad.

The Shafia sisters were still in their teens when their lives came to an end in the early morning hours of June 30, 2009. Gorgeous Zainab was 19. Sultry Sahar was 17. Rebellious Geeti was 13. And Rona, sad, doomed, betrayed Rona, Shafia’s first wife in a clandestinely polygamous Afghan marriage, was 52.

Remember them. The jury did.

Before his arrest, patriarch Mohammad Shafia had declared boastfully on the intercepts, oozing self-righteousness: “Even if they hoist me up onto the gallows . . . nothing is more dear to me than my honour.’’

You can read the full article here: Guilty Verdict for Shafia Murder Trial

I am proud of our Justice system which found these barbarians guilty. And I have an immense amount of respect for the Judge and jury in this case.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Betty White is 90 and fabulous!!!

I don't know about you but I cannot believe that Betty White is 90! She was born in 1922! I find this absolutely amazing! 

A young Betty White - ever a babe!  

 Bunny Betty 

She is such a star! 

One of my favourite shows to watch with my grandmother when I was younger <3 

I have to read this book! 

I really think that female comedians like Betty White paved the way for women like Chelsea Handler and Tina Fey. Age hasn't slowed her down at all and her comedy just keeps getting better and better. I really hope she's around for years and years to come.

A video you might get a laugh out of.... 

Betty White on being tough:

“Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding” 
― Betty White

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A few of my most favourite things right now

These are a few of the items that I want to pick up south of the border.... 

Roxanne Skinny Jeans by 7 for all man kind

These are absolutely gorgeous but would break the bank.... 

I really love these 7 straight legs

Louboutin "Simple pump" which look fantastic & sexy! Probably what I would end up with over the lower heels.....
Michael Kors Fulton tote with silver hardware 

I need a new pair of dark skinny jeans, a pair of louboutins I can walk in which is why I want the platforms and a new purse because my oversized Coach bag has really bitten the dust and I am so fed up with it! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lady and the Tramp is coming out of the Vault!

In case you haven't heard...........Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp is coming out on DVD & BlueRay! 

February 7th!!

I am so excited! This movie is so adorable <3 

What is your favourite Disney movie? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brilliant, Bold and Beautiful Lips!

The weather outside is absolutely frightful right now, but I have found great new lipsticks, stains and glosses that are quite delightful!

Here are a few of my recent purchases as well as ones that I can't wait to try! Can you tell I love pink?!! 

 I have Maybelline's 14 hour lipstick in "Ultimate Blush" and "Perpetual Peony" and love both! They are supple and smooth with the perfect pop of colour!
 I don't have this Dior Lip Polish yet but it is on my list the next time I'm in one of the major department stores! I love this shade of pink - it's just perfect! 

I saw an advertisement for the L'Oreal colour riche balm and bought it this past week. It is a really soothing balm with a subtle hint of colour and I absolutely love it! This one might be used faster than any lipstick I have ever purchased! 

I haven't purchased this cremesheen lip glass yet but I'm going to get it the next time I'm in the mall in the "Loud & Lovely" shade. I first saw this on a fellow blogger's post @ For the Love of Retail and it looks gorgeous! 

I got this limited edition Cake Beauty lip gloss in Pink Icicle in my christmas stocking! I don't really like sparkles anymore, but I couldn't resist asking for this because I knew it would smell and taste absolutely delicious! 
This isn't pink but it's a wonderful product that works as a moisturizing base coat for lipsticks or as a stand alone supple balm. I purchased a trio pack this past week that included the Shea Butter, the Coconut Lip Butter and also a Mango Lip Butter which I gave to a friend. 

I also recently purchased the newest lip stain from Maybelline. The Super Stay 10 hour stain gloss in "Pink Plush" was my favourite shade and has joined the multitude of lip products in my purse! It's like a liquid lipstick with a bit of a sheen but the sheen fades into a stain that really lasts! 

The brush is completely different from anything I have ever seen before, and part of the allure that enticed me to buy it! 

The wand style applicator looks like it would feel very strange to apply but after the first application you will realize that it's a pretty ingenious design!

Lastly I bought my second Eos lip balm, this time in the sphere container.

It is one of the best moisturizers out there! Go pick one up today - you will not regret it! Applying it takes a bit of getting used to and I'm not sure what happens when it starts to run out but it is pretty neat!

Have you bought any lip products recently that you think I should try? 

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Golden Globe Favourites

Here are a few of my favourite celebrities and what they wore to the Golden Globe ceremonies last night.

Love these loose waves!

 She is as classic as a Bronte novel 

 I want to wear this pony tail for saturday night! 

She still looks 25 years old! 

Wonderful woman - terrible dress


I love Katherine Heigl!

I absolutely adore her!

She is so beautiful <3

Red carpet glamourous

Love this outfit! I'm going to replicate it as soon as it's warm enough!

I love how she can pull off this gorgeous 50s style!

Love her classic day looks!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sparkle and Shine in Sequins!

I am all about Sequin party dresses right now ! Sequin tops, sequin skirts and sequin embellishments! By far the hottest dresses right now are the ones with sequins! Go out and get yourself one! They range in price from very affordable to outrageously expensive. 

No matter what it costs, you will feel fabulous in sequins!

Wet Seal Sequin tanks 

Forever 21 - on sale right now! 

Forever 21 sequin & mesh 

Sabine zig zag tank

Michael Kors Tank

But you can find a similar style pretty much anywhere! 

MK in Gold - go for it if you can wear it with your skin tone! 

Now get out there and get some sequins! And show the world your fabulous!!