Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Latest Denim Obsession: Yoga Jeans!

It can typically take me several attempts to find a pair of jeans that I really like. I avoid jean shopping like the plague, and I have to admit that over the winter I have gotten really lazy and just worn tights instead. 

I was recently in a favourite store of mine, RW & Co and was discussing denim styles. I will say that in all the times I have been in the store, and all of the clothing I have tried on there, I have never tried on denim. I'm not sure exactly when my aversion to denim started but it has been pretty strong as of late. 

I wasn't sure what to expect but I was fairly certain that the girls I was talking to would give me an honest opinion so I took their advice and tried the yoga jeans on! 

The yoga jeans tag was very intriguing.... 

Is it really possible to wear jeans to yoga? I'm not sure that I would but the comfort level that this suggests is incredible! 

Off I went into a change room, and I came back out, did a stroll around the store and took the yoga jeans to the cash! 

I bought these dark denim skinny's and I absolutely love them! They are my new favourite jeans! 

If that wasn't enough I went back in this afternoon and purchased these jeans because the first pair are so comfortable! 

Not only are these fabulous jeans at a reasonable price - they are made right here in Canada! That fact is the icing on the cake! I strongly believe in supporting the north american market in as many ways as I can and this is a fabulous way to look great while doing it! 

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  1. yoga jeans are supposed to be super comfy!! i'd try them!