Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chaise Hunting & More Condo Stuff

Today I bought this for my bedroom: 

Here are a few other things that I am thinking of getting for the condo.

Hemnes mirror from Ikea, I would put this in the bedroom. I need to find a larger mirror for the living room and a full length mirror for when I wear gowns! Yes that's right I wear gowns, on occasions that do not even warrant gowns, like sunday night dinner, but there is never any excuse not to look fabulous! 

I also need a bookcase and I'm going to get the Hemnes one below to match the tv stand which I purchased last week. I have a ton of books but I'm going to have to be selected about which ones I move with me and use small storage bins on the bookshelf to store other things. 

I also need to get some accent pieces which I want in a deep purple colour. 

I went looking at sofa beds and couches tonight and am now not sure I want to bother with a pull-out couch, I would trade that for a chaise. 

Now the only problem is finding a chaise sofa combination that is not too wide for the living room! I'm going to wait until I move in of course but I really want to have the couch positioned to face the window and the room is just over 9 feet wide so I need to find something that will fit that width. 

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