Saturday, June 2, 2012

I ordered my Sofa!! And a Chaise!!

I'm so excited! I ordered my sofa and a chaise today! I took my mom with me just to give myself piece of mind that I'm buying good furniture and I put the orders in! 

So this is what I got! The Lauren Sofa from Bowring!! I ordered the cashmere fabric in the "buckwheat" colour! 

This sofa is absolutely elegant, luxurious and is made to order right here in Canada! I'm all for supporting the North American economy and the frame of this sofa is Canadian maple!

I also ordered this chaise in a solid black - I'm NOT a fan of floral! 

It is really comfortable! It's going to take about 6 weeks for it to be made. My sofa takes about 4-6 weeks, but could be ready earlier *cross your fingers*!! I'm going to be painting and getting my room ready first and then the living room. 

I also have the ottoman with trays that will function as a coffee table: 

Since my chair and ottoman are black, rather than going with a black rug and drapes I'm probably going to get a grey shag rug and matching shade drapes. 

I also need to get a standing lamp, but I'm going to get a white shaded lamp to get the most light. 

I haven't found a standing lamp yet and I also need accent pillows and a throw. I'm torn between whether or not I want to get Zebra print pillows and a throw or a solid dark purple.... decisions decisions.... 

Are there any suggestions out there? Zebra print or purple?? 

I could keep the purple for my bedroom and have the zebra in the living room... or just keep the zebra print to kitchen accents like the tray that I bought and some zebra print wine glasses! 

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