Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Procyon Wildlife -Save an Animal: Save a Life

Yesterday a bunny was found in the parking lot at work, sitting in a parking space with his eyes closed not moving. The girls in the store called me because they didn't know what to do about him. 

Using a towel I gently picked him up and put him in a box. He didn't resist much and was very lethargic, obviously if he was getting so close to people. 

I called the Etobicoke branch of the Toronto Animal Services and they told me that they would take him in. I drove there after work, where the lady behind the counter argued with me that because I didn't find him in etobicoke they would not take him- and they would just euthanize him anyway. I called the neighboring municipalities and no one would take him, or they would, but rather than letting him have a chance at life - they would euthanize him! 

What is the point of animal services??? The woman behind the desk was the rudest woman I have ever seen, especially considering she works in animal services. She'd be far better off as a prison warden! I gave her a piece of my mind and took my new friend with me! 

The animal control officer in my area gave me the name of a wildlife rescue that has a vet on staff that I could take him too. 

I settled bunny in for the night:

In the morning when I had checked on him he had eaten a bit of the hay and veggies we had given him and looked a little more lively. 

We called the rescue and they said they would take him and my parents were nice enough to drive him up there for me- and they made a donation to the center as well! 

I spoke with the vet this afternoon and she said she thinks he has an eye infection and has him on antibiotics and pain killers to treat the infection. Poor little guy!! He was so sweet! 

The wildlife center is: Procyon Wildlife

I had no idea that animal services in the city of Toronto would not take and treat wild animals - especially defenseless bunnies!! There is something seriously wrong with this - and I am so grateful that there are people dedicated to treating and rehabilitating wildlife. 

If you are able in any amount, please join me in making a financial donation to Procyon to help the dedicated individuals who run this center. 

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