Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sequin Shower Curtain and Mat!

Somehow I totally forgot that Bed, Bath & Beyond existed! Even though when it finally came to Canada I was thrilled! 

Once I remembered that they existed and that they would have some really great stuff, I set out to go look at linens and bathroom decor. 

I found a really great shower curtain and mat set by Xanadu! 
I like how the colours will tie in with the rest of the apartment - and it has sequins! How can you not love sequins?? And they are subtle because, if you can't tell, they are in the grey part of the curtain. 

The matching bath mat which I purchased looks like this: 
This and the plush new white towels will look really sharp! 

I also have the pink towels to contrast the monochromatic theme! 

Now all I need are double-sided shower curtain hooks such as these and I'm all set in the bathroom! 

I looked at different shower hooks while I was in the store - clearly paying attention to every last detail here - and I think these are the best option because you don't have to have the liner and the curtain on the same side! Yes this thought actually occurred to me while shopping and I thought, wow that is fantastic that the weight will counter balance! 

I'm very happy that I now have everything all set for the bathroom! Next up - the living room! 

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