Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some things I want for my Condo!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm on the hunt for the perfect ottoman to double as a coffee table. It has to be able to store sheets etc for my sofa bed, for when my friends need a place to stay downtown. Because I need it to double as a coffee table the lid needs to flip over and either accommodate a tray or have a built in tray. 

I saw this one online at Costco of all places: 

I have looked at it online a few times and I'm going to go into the store on Thursday and check it out. My hesitation is that I do not like the brown footing. I want to paint the living room grey and have black and grey / charcoal furniture, so the brown does not fit into the colour scheme. 

A friend sent me a pic of this ottoman today which is a definite possibility if the lid flips over into trays: 

This needs to be examined as well but it's another strong contender. Even though it might look brown in the photo she told me that it's black! 

When I went online to the costco website just now to save the picture to show, I found this ottoman which is another strong possibility! 

 Here is another view of the same ottoman from costco: 
Solid black and nice wide size! It needs to be inspected too! 

My friend also sent me this picture and I am so enthralled by these - I really want them!! 

I don't know which I love more, the CHEETAH or the ZEBRA!! What do you think? An animalistic mix of both?? I was saying that I couldn't find any nice cocktail & wine glasses and lo and behold look what's hiding in Pier One!! 

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