Thursday, May 31, 2012

Condo Furniture: Living Room .... Sofa? Chaise? or both!!??

As per usual I haven't been able to find my ideal piece of living room furniture, so I might have to change my mind. 

I decided yesterday that I wanted to look at a particular chaise sofa in Leon's tonight after work, but they didn't have the one I wanted to see. The sales staff in Leon's are like piranhas!!! The one man followed us everywhere we went! 

Earlier today I went into Bowring and saw this absolutely fabulous couch! I'm in love!! 

Lauren Sofa - Bowring

Isn't it just the most elegant sofa you have ever seen? The cashmere fabric is goregous, I can only describe it as being luscious! Sorry friends, for this fabric, I'm going to opt out of a sofa bed! It comes in an absolutely huge variety of fabrics and colours! I could get the grey or black shade that I want, the only downside.... it takes 6-8 weeks, so I could end up being couch-less for about 4-6 weeks... with my fingers crossed of course! 

I also need to find out exactly how wide it is and if it would fit in the way that I want to position in. A second look is a must! 

The other idea I've been mulling over is getting a chaise lounge chair in addition to a sofa because I'm not sure I can live without a chaise... a bit dramatic? maybe, but so what! I can do what I want in my own place right! Especially if I won't have a sofa for 4-6 weeks, I'm going to need something to sit on!! 

I could get a chaise similar to this one in addition to the sofa. I will not be getting a white sofa! Not a chance! I drink too many pink & red beverages for that to be safe! 

I like the size and shape of this chaise but I absolutely detest the pattern!! 

I would have to get this chaise recovered before I brought it home, I'm going to call and ask them if it comes in any other colours..... because this pattern is not coming anywhere near me!! 

Here's another chaise from Ikea, but it's huge and I think would look really cheap next to the elegant cashmere lauren sofa from Bowring. 

It's an option if anyone is looking for a chaise but it won't work for me. There is a Karlstad chaise as well but I it won't work with the look I'm going for either. Thus far I have ruled out sears (online) and ikea for chaise lounges. Bowring doesn't have any so it's back to the drawing board because I don't really like the angle of the one at the Brick. 

Any suggestions on where I could look for a fabulous but not outrageously expensive chaise lounge?? 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blonde vs Brunette: Celebs who've gone Blonde!!

Some of my favourite or the biggest celebs right now that I prefer as blonde...

Until I started looking into this, I didn't realize that some celebs had even gone blonde! Even Kim Kardashian has gone blonde, the brunettes are finally on to something here!!

I actually prefer Kim Kardashian as a blonde, which may come as no surprise to you. I think it sets off her complexion really well and she should stick with it! 

Jessica Simpson looks 100% better as a blonde! The brunette look on her just doesn't do her any justice - what do you think? 

 Fergie as a blonde, the Duchess looks a lot more vibrant with golden tresses.

Christina - a total vixen with platinum blonde hair - why would she change it?? 

Lauren Conrad is a stunning blonde! Can I please have this volume? My hair has zero volume and even though I accept it, it doesn't mean that I don't wish I could get a great wave like this one! 

Katherine Heigl is so timeless as a blonde. I'm not a fan of the brunette look on her at all, she really wears blonde fabulously! 

My favourite lady in Hollywood, Reese Witherspoon is a stunning blonde! Can you tell I am more than a little biased? 

Another blonde stunner - Blake Lively! Those long blonde locks are amazing! 

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Dresses I would like to add to my Collection!!

I was doing some online browsing - just browsing I promise! and I found a few dresses that I really wish I could buy.... but I need to buy so many things for the condo that they really aren't an option at this point.... hmmm... maybe end of summer sales for next year? 

If you don't already wear a lot of dresses - what are you waiting for?? 
Don't wait until you're too old to pull them off! Bust out those legs now!

I probably will order this pink tulip dress... but I'm seriously trying to control myself! 

I know I'm totally obsessed with Zebra print right now! 

This is a really cute dress and is a great length if you work in an office! Liven up the cubicles with pink ladies! 

Are you sensing my dress obsession yet? 

Enjoy summer - get yourself into a dress! Forget pants! you can wear them the rest of the year! If you live in Canada like I do, or any other country along a similar equatorial parallel, you don't get enough months of summer, take advantage while you can!

So that is my mini rant.... if I have inspired you to get yourself into a dress please let me know in the comments below :) 

Happy shopping!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Maxi Dresses!! I must have more for summer!

My favourite summer dress style right now: The Maxi Dress!

The perfect dress for going from day to night in during the summer.  

Or as my friends and I call them - Gowns! And I am really loving this first gown!! I'm not sure if I can hold back from ordering it.... 

I really want a nice printed gown but I cannot seem to find one that I like, yet... 

The great thing about this style of dress is that you can get them from almost any retailer, from Old Navy to Banana Republic, Piper Lime and everything in between like R&W and Jacob! 

Depending on the material, style and cut you can wear these dresses as beach / poolside cover ups or for a night out with your favourite person 

I really want this dress, I have an identical one in blue but I really like the berry shade!!! I'm watching for promotions because I got the blue one last year at half price! 

One Caution - make sure that the fit flatters your body, because the length can make you look really frumpy if it is too baggy!! 

I have also seen some denim atrocities - whatever you do, do NOT buy a denim Maxi dress!! No one should EVER have that much denim on their body!!!

Get yourself a maxi dress and get out and enjoy summer!   

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are: Zebra!!

I want a couple of wild animal print accent pieces like these ones!

I would really like something like this at the end of my bed however, I need one with storage. The condo I am moving in to doesn't have the most amount of storage you've ever seen so I need to maximize storage where ever possible.

I did get to thinking, if I bought a wide storage ottoman for the end of my bed I could always cover it in zebra print fabric! I think finding exactly what I want for storage in a zebra print would be like finding a needle in a haystack. I need a place to store my spare bedding and I think the right size ottoman would do this perfectly. I'm sure that fabric stores have zebra

Now this is a rug!!

This Zebra Rug is just amazing and so RAW!

I really want a zebra rug but I want a high pile so that it is almost like a shag. I'm going to have to wait until I move however before I can determine the best size.

I am wondering if I can have dark purple accents with the Zebra rug when the furniture is going to be black and the walls are going to be grey...... ?

Or maybe I should go with Zebra print accents as well?
Wild jungle zebra pillows?

You can't have pillows without a matching wild throw!

Maybe I can save the purple accents for in my bedroom.... decisions, decisions......

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Uggs for Your Wedding?: These were made for me!

If you haven't already heard, Ugg Australia has come out with a wedding collection! These were made for me! And this is yet another reason that I am happy I am not married yet! 

Now hear me out! I would NOT I repeat would NOT wear these while I was walking down the isle, unless of course for some fluke reason (I tend to trip and fall a lot) I broke my leg right before the trip down the isle.... or if I was getting married in the arctic - that wouldn't happen but the pictures could be cute!

I would however wear these if I were: 

1. Getting married in the winter and it was snowing and I was on my way to the isle, at which point I would don Louboutins or Manolos 

Probably something like this - not that I have to worry about it yet! 

2. Was taking engagement or wedding photos outside during the winter and you couldn't see them under my dress and I didn't want my feet to freeze off 

3. Was honeymooning in the arctic - not likely, but nothing is set in stone! 

You can find the entire Ugg Wedding collection on their website (it only includes 3 items, 2 pairs of boots and this fuzzy pair of slippers: 

These would be cute while you are getting your hair and make up done! 

What do you think? 

I am all for comfort but sometimes it hurts to be hot! And you have to look hot on your wedding day! So by all means be comfortable when no one can see you, but wear a killer pair of heels the rest of the time! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chaise Hunting & More Condo Stuff

Today I bought this for my bedroom: 

Here are a few other things that I am thinking of getting for the condo.

Hemnes mirror from Ikea, I would put this in the bedroom. I need to find a larger mirror for the living room and a full length mirror for when I wear gowns! Yes that's right I wear gowns, on occasions that do not even warrant gowns, like sunday night dinner, but there is never any excuse not to look fabulous! 

I also need a bookcase and I'm going to get the Hemnes one below to match the tv stand which I purchased last week. I have a ton of books but I'm going to have to be selected about which ones I move with me and use small storage bins on the bookshelf to store other things. 

I also need to get some accent pieces which I want in a deep purple colour. 

I went looking at sofa beds and couches tonight and am now not sure I want to bother with a pull-out couch, I would trade that for a chaise. 

Now the only problem is finding a chaise sofa combination that is not too wide for the living room! I'm going to wait until I move in of course but I really want to have the couch positioned to face the window and the room is just over 9 feet wide so I need to find something that will fit that width. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

And the Ottoman will be..... And I need a sofa bed!!

Duh duh da da.....The one from Costco! Even though I have to order it online and cannot check it out in the store, it is by far the best option I have found! 

Now I just need to find the perfect couch for this ottoman! 

The challenge is that I really want a couch with a chaise however I do need a sofa bed for when people stay over. 

I didn't realize until tonight when I was flipping through the ikea catalogue for storage inspiration that chaise sofa beds exist! 

There is this one from Ikea but the colour selection is blasé. I could always recover it if I can't find anything better, but I'm just not sure an ikea couch will really hold up all that well..... 

The fact that it folds out into a bed is perfect - look! That is exactly what I need and I really would love to have a chaise! 

 Now if it only came in black or grey it would be perfect! I am however a bit skeptical about buying a couch from ikea, certain stuff is fine, but a whole couch? I'm just not that sure. Are there any opinions out there about ikea couches? Please share! 

I've looked in Sears and they have nothing that I like and I was just looking online at the Brick and everything that could be considered a chaise is a sectional which is way too massive to fit into a downtown condo! 

This is the only option I remotely like at Sears. It is a grey colour which is good because I want either grey or black, but I would prefer black because I want to paint the walls grey and the ottoman will be black. 

Another thing I have noticed is that the colour selection for these couches borders on terrible at every store! 

Neither Bombay nor Lay Z Boy have anything remotely close to what I'm looking for either, alas another needle in a haystack because I have an idea in my mind of what I want but no one has thought of it yet! 

I have also looked at Urban Barn, Ashley Furniture and a couple of other places to no avail, does anyone have any suggestions for the GTA? Please help! 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sequin Shower Curtain and Mat!

Somehow I totally forgot that Bed, Bath & Beyond existed! Even though when it finally came to Canada I was thrilled! 

Once I remembered that they existed and that they would have some really great stuff, I set out to go look at linens and bathroom decor. 

I found a really great shower curtain and mat set by Xanadu! 
I like how the colours will tie in with the rest of the apartment - and it has sequins! How can you not love sequins?? And they are subtle because, if you can't tell, they are in the grey part of the curtain. 

The matching bath mat which I purchased looks like this: 
This and the plush new white towels will look really sharp! 

I also have the pink towels to contrast the monochromatic theme! 

Now all I need are double-sided shower curtain hooks such as these and I'm all set in the bathroom! 

I looked at different shower hooks while I was in the store - clearly paying attention to every last detail here - and I think these are the best option because you don't have to have the liner and the curtain on the same side! Yes this thought actually occurred to me while shopping and I thought, wow that is fantastic that the weight will counter balance! 

I'm very happy that I now have everything all set for the bathroom! Next up - the living room! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

More Things I want and that I bought for my Condo!

So the list is never ending at this point of what I need and what I want, but here are a few more items that I have either bought or really like!

I purchased pink towels from Kate Spade - at winners! They are very similar to these ones but have a line of polka dots, I will post pictures of them later, right now they are being used for packing breakable items!

The towels were a really good price and are super soft!

Also a girl I work with went to a towel sale over the weekend and got me 3 huge white towels on super sale!

I also saw these really funky soft pillows at Costco last night - who knew Costco! who knew!

A pair of these pillows would be really nice on the couch I end up choosing! And at $14.79 they are a great price!

They come in a variety of colours in case you like them, you can see some of the colours in the photo but I think there are more available.

I saw these dishes while shopping with a friend on the weekend. She actually pointed them out to me, I had thought I wanted plain white square ones, but I snapped a picture of them just in case, and the more I look at them the more I like them! They are on sale right now at the Bay for 30% off! I might pick them up this weekend!

I'm going to go look at them again just to be sure, and pull them out of the box to take a good look!

Next things I need are a good shower curtain, mirrors and lamps! I'm having difficulty finding ones that I really can't live without..... any suggestions my friends??

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some things I want for my Condo!

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm on the hunt for the perfect ottoman to double as a coffee table. It has to be able to store sheets etc for my sofa bed, for when my friends need a place to stay downtown. Because I need it to double as a coffee table the lid needs to flip over and either accommodate a tray or have a built in tray. 

I saw this one online at Costco of all places: 

I have looked at it online a few times and I'm going to go into the store on Thursday and check it out. My hesitation is that I do not like the brown footing. I want to paint the living room grey and have black and grey / charcoal furniture, so the brown does not fit into the colour scheme. 

A friend sent me a pic of this ottoman today which is a definite possibility if the lid flips over into trays: 

This needs to be examined as well but it's another strong contender. Even though it might look brown in the photo she told me that it's black! 

When I went online to the costco website just now to save the picture to show, I found this ottoman which is another strong possibility! 

 Here is another view of the same ottoman from costco: 
Solid black and nice wide size! It needs to be inspected too! 

My friend also sent me this picture and I am so enthralled by these - I really want them!! 

I don't know which I love more, the CHEETAH or the ZEBRA!! What do you think? An animalistic mix of both?? I was saying that I couldn't find any nice cocktail & wine glasses and lo and behold look what's hiding in Pier One!!