Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Dresses I would like to add to my Collection!!

I was doing some online browsing - just browsing I promise! and I found a few dresses that I really wish I could buy.... but I need to buy so many things for the condo that they really aren't an option at this point.... hmmm... maybe end of summer sales for next year? 

If you don't already wear a lot of dresses - what are you waiting for?? 
Don't wait until you're too old to pull them off! Bust out those legs now!

I probably will order this pink tulip dress... but I'm seriously trying to control myself! 

I know I'm totally obsessed with Zebra print right now! 

This is a really cute dress and is a great length if you work in an office! Liven up the cubicles with pink ladies! 

Are you sensing my dress obsession yet? 

Enjoy summer - get yourself into a dress! Forget pants! you can wear them the rest of the year! If you live in Canada like I do, or any other country along a similar equatorial parallel, you don't get enough months of summer, take advantage while you can!

So that is my mini rant.... if I have inspired you to get yourself into a dress please let me know in the comments below :) 

Happy shopping!


  1. the 2nd dress from the top is super cute! where is it from?

  2. It's from Forever 21! The tulip dress! I really want it but I just bought most of my living room furniture so I think it's a bit out of the budget right now.....