Monday, May 21, 2012

And the Ottoman will be..... And I need a sofa bed!!

Duh duh da da.....The one from Costco! Even though I have to order it online and cannot check it out in the store, it is by far the best option I have found! 

Now I just need to find the perfect couch for this ottoman! 

The challenge is that I really want a couch with a chaise however I do need a sofa bed for when people stay over. 

I didn't realize until tonight when I was flipping through the ikea catalogue for storage inspiration that chaise sofa beds exist! 

There is this one from Ikea but the colour selection is blasé. I could always recover it if I can't find anything better, but I'm just not sure an ikea couch will really hold up all that well..... 

The fact that it folds out into a bed is perfect - look! That is exactly what I need and I really would love to have a chaise! 

 Now if it only came in black or grey it would be perfect! I am however a bit skeptical about buying a couch from ikea, certain stuff is fine, but a whole couch? I'm just not that sure. Are there any opinions out there about ikea couches? Please share! 

I've looked in Sears and they have nothing that I like and I was just looking online at the Brick and everything that could be considered a chaise is a sectional which is way too massive to fit into a downtown condo! 

This is the only option I remotely like at Sears. It is a grey colour which is good because I want either grey or black, but I would prefer black because I want to paint the walls grey and the ottoman will be black. 

Another thing I have noticed is that the colour selection for these couches borders on terrible at every store! 

Neither Bombay nor Lay Z Boy have anything remotely close to what I'm looking for either, alas another needle in a haystack because I have an idea in my mind of what I want but no one has thought of it yet! 

I have also looked at Urban Barn, Ashley Furniture and a couple of other places to no avail, does anyone have any suggestions for the GTA? Please help! 

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