Monday, May 28, 2012

Maxi Dresses!! I must have more for summer!

My favourite summer dress style right now: The Maxi Dress!

The perfect dress for going from day to night in during the summer.  

Or as my friends and I call them - Gowns! And I am really loving this first gown!! I'm not sure if I can hold back from ordering it.... 

I really want a nice printed gown but I cannot seem to find one that I like, yet... 

The great thing about this style of dress is that you can get them from almost any retailer, from Old Navy to Banana Republic, Piper Lime and everything in between like R&W and Jacob! 

Depending on the material, style and cut you can wear these dresses as beach / poolside cover ups or for a night out with your favourite person 

I really want this dress, I have an identical one in blue but I really like the berry shade!!! I'm watching for promotions because I got the blue one last year at half price! 

One Caution - make sure that the fit flatters your body, because the length can make you look really frumpy if it is too baggy!! 

I have also seen some denim atrocities - whatever you do, do NOT buy a denim Maxi dress!! No one should EVER have that much denim on their body!!!

Get yourself a maxi dress and get out and enjoy summer!   

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  1. maxi dresses are sooo comfy! almost like wearing sweat pants...but way more appropriate in public! ;)