Friday, May 18, 2012

More Things I want and that I bought for my Condo!

So the list is never ending at this point of what I need and what I want, but here are a few more items that I have either bought or really like!

I purchased pink towels from Kate Spade - at winners! They are very similar to these ones but have a line of polka dots, I will post pictures of them later, right now they are being used for packing breakable items!

The towels were a really good price and are super soft!

Also a girl I work with went to a towel sale over the weekend and got me 3 huge white towels on super sale!

I also saw these really funky soft pillows at Costco last night - who knew Costco! who knew!

A pair of these pillows would be really nice on the couch I end up choosing! And at $14.79 they are a great price!

They come in a variety of colours in case you like them, you can see some of the colours in the photo but I think there are more available.

I saw these dishes while shopping with a friend on the weekend. She actually pointed them out to me, I had thought I wanted plain white square ones, but I snapped a picture of them just in case, and the more I look at them the more I like them! They are on sale right now at the Bay for 30% off! I might pick them up this weekend!

I'm going to go look at them again just to be sure, and pull them out of the box to take a good look!

Next things I need are a good shower curtain, mirrors and lamps! I'm having difficulty finding ones that I really can't live without..... any suggestions my friends??

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