Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Magazine Mania! I'm hooked on Magazines for inspiration right now

My mailbox has been flooded with magazines and I'm so excited! If that weren't enough, I even went out and bought a few more because some of my favourite celebrities are gracing the covers! 

I got into Loulou by sheer fluke, a friend was doing some work for them and now I'm hooked! 

I don't actually subscribe to Glow, but somehow I get it in the mail anyways... I'm positive that Shoppers Drug mart is on to me, and the product reviews in Glow really have me hooked on trying new things! Of course once you are in to a shoppers, you find yourself lost in the aisles for ages.... at least I do, I hope I'm not the only one that this happens to!

Another one of my subscriptions - Flare! 

Adele looking absolutely gorgeous on this month's Vogue! 

Ummm.... can I please be her for a day? 

I will always love her! Can I please look as fabulous when I am over 40? She looks 30 at most! 

No matter what you have to stay up to date on current events! 

This month's issue of Flare - I'm a bit behind on my reading! 

I have so much reading & magazine flipping to get through this month! 

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