Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Forever 21 Saga Continues

One of my friends got on the dress bandwagon with me and I was MORE than happy to help her pick out some dresses that I thought would make her look like even more of a knockout! 

Even though she didn't like all of them, we got 2 for her that she likes! 

The other one we ordered for her was this one - super cute! 

I love the contrast & look at the detail in the sash on the back! 

At the same time I ordered a few accent necklaces just because they were super sale: 

And this one: 

And this one: 

And finally this one: 

It was under $12 for all 4 necklaces with tax because they were on clearance, and it allows me to switch up my accessories just that much more! 

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