Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cleaning out my Closet

It's that time of the year - spring cleaning, closet style! I'm going through my clothes to see what I do and don't wear anymore. Then I have to decide if I will give these items to friends and which ones I will put into a clothing donation bin.

I am also really keen to organize everything, to see what I have and then to put all of the clothes I want to keep into my wardrobe rotation. If they don't get worn within the year then they too will be given to another home. 

I've started by organizing my shirts first, taking sweaters downstairs to my other closet for storage of winter clothes ad then I will tackle dresses. Then I will have to organize my dress collection by season. Did I mention I have an ample dress collection? How many dresses do you think would be too many?

I will post some pictures of the final organization - it's too embarrassing to post what is actually going on in my room right now!

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