Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Spring Time! Break out your Skirts Ladies!

Ladies it is time to ditch the pants and break out your skirts! Pants are for trudging around in the cold snowy weather, it's time to bring femininity back into your life!

Here are a few skirts available online right now to help you get into the swing of spring! Even if you don't think that skirts really suit you - you are dead wrong! 

There is a skirt to flatter every woman's body - you just have to choose the proper one! Notice that I haven't chosen any long skirts here. I am too short for a nice long flowing skirt, they make me look like a stump at my 5'4. 

Banana Republic A line skirt 

If you are slender with narrow hips the A line cut will give the impression of being more shapely, and most importantly, prevent you from drawing attention to your lack of hips. 

Banana Republic wild Animal Print 

Gap Pencil Skirt 

If you don't have a pencil skirt - stop reading this and go get one! It is an essential item that every woman has to have in their wardrobe! 

Jacob banded skirt - throw in some colour!

Banana pleated colour block skirt 

Pretty in Pink <3 

Why shouldn't you be?

Jacob Pencil Skirt 

Most retailers have pencil skirts, so take a look online or at your local mall. You need to get one of these! 

Jacob tiered skirt - ok so you can't wear it to work, but it is really cute!
I tried this skirt on in the fall and it wasn't the most flattering on me, I think you need a really ample derriere to fill it out properly!

Amanda Uprichard - Petal Skirt - how feminine is this? I love it!

To one particular tall and leggy friend, I know you rarely ever (if at all) like anything pink, but you are long lean and glamourous - and you would be a stunner in something like this! Plus I know your mom & man would love me for getting you into something like this <3 

This is a gorgeous skirt for work! 

Personally for my height I prefer skirts that are a bit above the knee, when skirts hit the knee they do not flatter my stature.... 

This hot little number is on it's way to my house! 

I love sequins right now! 

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  1. I actually kinda agree! Although I'd like it more in black or grey, it is a refreshing twist on the classic pencil skirt :)