Friday, March 30, 2012

The Forever 21 Saga Continues: Part 3

The risk of ordering online is that you won't always like what you picked when it arrives and you try it on, so be very careful where you order from and what their return / exchange policy is!

 The great thing about the Forever 21 website is that you can exchange / return for store credit items (excluding clearance) that you bought from the website in store. 

I didn't end up liking all of the items that I ordered in the past couple of weeks from Forever 21, so I exchanged a couple in return for store credit and ordered these from the website today with my gift card! 

Can you tell I love pink maybe a little too much? I have however forced myself to branch out into other colours beyond pink, purple and black as you will see. 

I tried this dress on and absolutely love it! I'm going to pair it with my gold madden sparkle heels this summer :)

This one is really nice and a good length for work. The other great thing about it, in addition to being such a nice shade of cobalt blue, the pockets are real!

The website has a lot of items that are not in store and vice versa, which is annoying because if the website is sold out, this does not mean you can get the item in the store closest to you. And right now dresses online are selling out like crazy! I had a dress I absolutely loved in my online shopping bag last week and during the payment process it became sold out! I didn't think this was fair because I had already essentially called dibs on one but that's the way it turned out and now it is sold out! 

The good thing is that if an item sells out very quickly they usually bring it back, so I have my fingers cross! 

When I tried this dress on I liked it, but I'm not 100% sure that it really flatters me. I'm going to have to try it on again before I commit to it and cut the tags off of it!

I realize it seems like I order a ton of stuff online, and truthfully I go through fits and spurts, but I do not always keep everything that I order. I'm very diligent about trying items on and returning them if I don't like them.  

It is really important to read the return policies on online purchases. Most of the time you can work it in your favour that you do not pay for shipping. With Forever 21 if you order over $60 in merchandise shipping is free! You do not have to keep everything if you don't want to, you just get a gift card for future use. So no matter what your money is committed to that store, which I don't think is necessarily reasonable, you should be entitled to a refund, but that is their policy. 

Happy Shopping :)

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