Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moving is Exhausting!

I've been totally consumed with work and school this week, and of course unpacking, building furniture, organizing, re-organizing and cleaning. 

Moving is so so much work! I love all of the furniture that I bought for the condo - now I just have to paint it! 

Oh wait, the girl that live here before me was a complete slob!! And I don't think she ever EVER cleaned her fridge, because it took me and half a bottle of scrub free + bleach, + soap and water and rubber gloves to my elbows two hours last weekend to clean the fridge alone! And she left rotting food in the fridge.... how she's still alive I have no idea! 

So far I have built one of the Ikea dresser's that I bought, with help from three friends and it's all in one piece - except for one drawer that doesn't want to slide properly! 

So this chest of drawers is sitting in the middle of my bedroom empty.... because I cannot figure out where I am going to put it... I still have to play tetris with my furniture! 

Since I have so many clothes, I have purchased several organizational tools as well as a second dresser. This might cramp my bedroom, but what else is my room for except sleeping and storing my clothes? I'd rather have my clothes than floor space! 

I've stayed up super later after work and school this week trying to get even further organizing and slowly but surely it is getting there. 

I will say this, condo kitchens are not designed for cooking and baking... I hardly have room for most of my appliances, and my mom sent me a gravy boat LOL what on earth I'm going to do with a gravy boat in 100+ degree weather I have no idea.... but I don't have to heart to tell her that. 

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