Thursday, June 7, 2012

Home Sense & Bouclair Beauties!

The other day on my lunch with a friend we ventured into Home Sense - at my request of course, to see if I could find a floor lamp. Of course there was not a single floor lamp in the store, not one! There were several the other week when I went - but I was not looking for lamps at that point. 

Naturally I found other items that I just had to bring home with me! 

If you follow my blog you may have seen the "keep calm and add sugar" and tea containers that I bought a couple of weeks ago - at the same Home Sense! This week I found two of these mugs, because sometimes I like things to match! 

And I also got this adorable teapot for when friends come over, or in the winter when it gets chilly! 

Now I have a whole keep calm tea set! I didn't think tea could get any more soothing until I saw this teapot! What a find! 

I also got this really funky necklace tree to go with my zebra theme! I already have a necklace tree but it is so over crowded that another one will not go wrong. 

Lastly I found this amazing little shoe ring holder that I absolutely cannot live without! 

I apologize for the less than stellar photos, my room is a moving mess and I am not revealing that to anyone! 

After work I made a stop in at Bouclair to look for floor lamps. I had found a really nice one that I liked online at home depot of all places! Home Depot was recommended by another friend for accent pieces, I was shocked at all of the nice decor pieces that they have! I always keep them in mind for buying paint or fix-it items, but not fancy lamps! 

I bought this lamp to go in my living room! The jewels are detachable so if I ever tire of them I can take them off and just have a plain lamp. This one I got from Bouclair and it was half the price of the one at home depot! 

I also bought two of these purple jewel pillows for my bed. I want to paint my bedroom grey and have purple accents. This was the perfect shade of purple for me so I decided to buy them so that I can pick out a grey shade of paint that will work well with them. 

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  1. home depot has the best lighting!! i've bought some of my most fav chandeliers there!