Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What colour do I paint the bathroom???

I don't know what colour to paint my future bathroom! I do want to paint it a colour, and something that will go with the overall colour scheme of the condo, but I just do not know what colour that should be! 

If you recall I have purchased this sequin shower curtain: 

And the matching bath mat. 

Will someone please remind me to add shower hooks to the list of things that I'm going to need? 

I also purchased and love these Kate Spade bath towels: 

Of course towels are temporary, but painting my bathroom purple would be out of the question! 

Now what do I do? Just paint the bathroom a similar shade of grey to the curtain? It isn't a very large bathroom but I do want to break up the monochromatic feeling with a bold colour statement - are the pink towels enough to do that? 

Does anyone out there have any suggestions? Please help! What colour should I paint the bathroom??? 

Shopping for all of this stuff at once is exhausting!!

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