Monday, June 4, 2012

Decorating Inspirations

As I get closer to moving the list of what I still need to get is getting smaller, but the boxes are piling up! There are still a lot of things that I still want to have organized for when I move in, and others that can wait. 

Here are some things I have seen out during my shopping trips that I want or am thinking of getting, I would love your comments! 

Zebra print rug! I'm not 100% sure whether or not I want a Zebra print rug or a solid colour shag rug. If you have seen the buckwheat sofa I ordered and can visualize the black chaise lounge with grey walls, what colour of shag rug do you think would look best? Or maybe Zebra will break up the monochromatic theme? 

In a previous post I showed a picture of a different zebra rug. The picture above I took while furniture shopping with a friend last week. I like the pattern of this rug far better than I do the first one which I found online. 

I saw this mirror, a full length which is absolutely huge and black faux leather. I really want it - I just have to make sure that I have the room to put it somewhere in my bedroom! 

I saw these really nice wine glasses on sale at pier one. They are great because each pattern is different so you can tell which glass is yours! I am not going to get wine or martini glasses until after I move in - just in case they get shuffled around in the move! I also am not sure what style I like best, but I am leaning toward zebra print martini glasses! 

I went to Canadian Tire today to get a black & decker rice cooker which was on sale - these things are amazing! It lets you multi task while cooking. You can do five other things without having to worry about stirring the rice! 

While I was in the store I also this beauty! I didn't buy it yet because I can probably live without it for a little while but I really want one! 

Somehow the pink brita will just make water THAT much tastier! 

This general purpose service tray is a must buy! It's from home outfitters, and as soon as I am set up for entertaining I will get a tray very similar to this one, if not the exact one. 

I also found Zebra martini glasses at target! I think a trip state side might be in order before or shortly after I move! 

Any suggestions on where else I can look for Zebra print wine or martini glasses? 

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