Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jennifer Anniston in Hammer Pants???

This caught my attention in the Huffington Post - Jennifer Anniston strolling through the airport in what can only be described as hammer pants??? 

Huffington Post 

That got me thinking who else has been wearing hammer pants in hollywood.... 

Apparently J Lo was wearing some gold sparkly hammer pants not too long ago... I know that J Lo can pull of pretty much everything, but this is over the top! even for her!! 

And then of course Kim Kardashian pulled on a pair of hammer pants at some point..... 

Hammer Pants are signature to MC Hammer, and I really do not believe that anyone else could pull them off! 

Who can compete with this?? He kills it in the hammer pants! 

Do you own a pair of hammer pants? Have you ever worn hammer pants? I haven't but I am wondering if they are awkward to walk in?? 

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  1. I own hammer pants! Maybe it doesn't count though, cause I only use them for sleeping and when I travel. The are soooo comfortable! I love them, even though I realize I look ridiculous when I wear them!