Thursday, February 2, 2012

Words to Live by: When Life hands you Lemons

So the old saying goes, "when life hands you lemons

make lemonade!" 

This would be all well and good if you added: 



Here's a different thought, because normally the "lemons" you receive in life are caused by someone else. And although it isn't socially acceptable, here is what I think you should do. 

Step 1: Purchase one or several lemons

Step 2: Cut the lemon(s) into slices

Step 3: Locate the person who "gave you the lemons"

Step 4: Confront the person who dolled out the lemons

Step 5: Whip out the lemon slices and squeeze them in their eyes!! 

Now if you aren't so sure you want to do that, here's an alternative that can really work wonders! But as Jenna says, you have to commit to the face! 

Watch this video and the next time someone tries to give you lemons, they will think twice! 


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  1. I have a confession. I've watched nearly all of Jenna's videos in the last two weeks... and that's a butt load of videos! She's so funny!