Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spring and Summer Dresses!

Even though we got more snow where I live this weekend, that doesn't mean that I cannot browse around for spring and summer dresses! I love the spring and summer time, especially because you don't need tights or pantyhose to wear dresses. Women out there, you know what I'm talking about! Pantyhose are absolutely awful to wear! 

I found several dresses that I thought I would share to get you into the spring time mood! 

Asymmetrical dress from Forever 21 

I have a hot pink dress like this one that I got from Urban Outfitters and it is such a fun dress to wear! Forever 21 only has this red colour but urban has or had several other colours that were all really fun! It's a great dress to wear out to a club with your girlfriends <3 

Forever 21 bowtie dress 

This dress is super cute and inexpensive! It also comes in a really nice shade of blue! 

Forever 21 pleated dress

Comes in Purple and Blue: 

I really like the blue shade and am considering getting it.... 

21- Super cute work dress! 

It's probably a bit too young for me but I know a few young girls that may look great in this dress ;) 

I'm curious about the length though, because 21 dresses are typically very very short and they do not carry all of the dresses online in stores. So sometimes you can order something and it is just way too short! The great thing however is that whatever you buy online you can return in store!

 21 - sweetheart dress 

This is another dress I am considering purchasing, I think it would be really cute for going out in..... decisions decisions! 

Here's hoping there isn't much winter left! 

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