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Canada Goose Policy on Feather and Fur: The ethical treatment of animals

There will always be a debate surrounding the use of animal products for food and / or clothing. I firmly believe that there are ethical ways to treat animals. No matter what the additional cost, I will choose to buy products from ethical suppliers and producers that produce products locally.  

I do not meat excessively nor do I take my leather or suede goods for granted or purchase them in vain. We like in a carnivorous society and as human beings we make decisions every day related to what we eat, wear and purchase. I am not ignorant to where the down for my pillows or duvets come from. I know that my leather boots and purse came from a cow and my Uggs are made of sheepskin. I do not however buy these types of goods often or excessively. I take good care of them and use them for many years.

What matters most is that we make ethical choices.

I have several pets myself and I value their lives tremendously. I feel no differently about my guinea pig or rabbit than I do my dogs. They are all precious and I love them very much. That being said, I do eat meat. I have however, made the conscious decision over the past couple of years to dramatically reduce the amount of meat that I eat.

I think the most rational way to address the use of animal products for food, clothing or consumer goods is that animals should be treated ethnically and companies that do not treat animals ethically should be shut down until they do - or permanently. As consumers we have a choice and should be aware of where our food, clothing and goods come from and how they are produced. Choose responsible and ethical supplies and producers.

And remember the golden rule your mother probably taught you "do as you would be done by", make decisions for yourself, try and educate those around you, but not in such a way that your pushing your opinion on anyone else.

I purchased a Canada Goose jacket, I love it and I know that with proper care it will last for ages and keep me warm. Where I live we typically have winter for 4-6 months a year (at least it can feel that way if your freezing) and I purchased this jacket from a Canadian company with confidence.

For those of you who have ganged up on the hype band wagon, make sure you know the truth about what your talking about before you criticize the practices of a company you know nothing about, because you saw a picture on the internet. Anyone can write anything thing they want on the internet, or put up any picture they want - case and point, I'm doing it right now with this blog!

I've copied this directly from the Canada Goose website:  Educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself for being so ignorant.

"Down Policy

Canada Goose does NOT use any down from live-plucking. Feather Industries Canada Limited, our ONLY supplier of down, has a longstanding Corporate Policy on NEVER purchasing any duck or goose down or feather materials that have been harvested by live-plucking.

Both Canada Goose and Feather Industries have a strong ethical position on this matter. We believe live-plucking is cruel and inhumane and we would never be party to or support this method of harvesting feathers and down.

How Down is Procured

All feathers and down procured by Feather Industries are bought from Approved Vendors. These suppliers are fully aware of our policies, and share the same philosophical and ethical position.

Fur Policy

Canada Goose Policy on the Humane Treatment of Animals
Canada Goose is deeply committed to the preservation of our global environment and the humane treatment of animals. As an authentically Canadian company, the environment and ethical treatment of animals are central to our values. We consistently make commitments based on these values that guide the ways in which we do business. We recognize that because we use animal products in our garments, questions may arise regarding these commitments and our practices. It is important to us that our position on these matters, as well as the reasons for and nature of our company’s use of animal
products are made widely available.

Since we have been producing Canada Goose products, we have used both Coyote fur in the manufacture of our parkas and jackets. From the beginning we have closely examined and considered the use of these products from both an ethical and conservationist perspective. We are firm in our belief that these ethics are sound.

We use Coyote fur only as absolutely necessary, and exclusively for functional purposes. Our jackets are–and always have been–used in the coldest places on earth. In such climates, where skin can freeze in an instant, the coyote fur creates a warm environment in the most critical area–around the face. The warm pocket of air keeps exposed skin warm and ensures that exhaled air does not freeze. It is for precisely this reason that the technologies of centuries past used fur for protection against the extreme cold. Today we are able to use as little fur as possible, while maintaining the critical functionality of this sort of product.

The fur that we do use is acquired in the most humane ways and we adhere to the guidelines of the Fur Council of Canada that governs fur use in our country.

The fur industry is an excellent example of an industry based on sustainable use. All the furs used by the trade are abundant. Absolutely no endangered species are used. In the Canadian fur trade, government wildlife officials and biologists ensure responsible use by establishing controlled hunting and trapping, harvest quotas, licensing, and training courses. Strict government regulations ensure that these quotas and seasons are respected.

Canada Goose strictly adheres to all such industry and government guidelines. More importantly, we take pride in the fact that by supporting this sustainable industry we are also supporting the native Canadian communities of the North and their centuries-old ways of life that are now being threatened. These communities are ethical in their fundamental approach to hunting: We strongly identify with the value systems of these communities, and make a commitment that carries over to the way we do business: Canada Goose does not buy fur from farms of any sort – ever.

The environmental benefits to using a natural product are clear when compared with the use of synthetics that are sometimes described as an “ethical” alternative to real fur. Many anti-fur advocacy groups fail to take into account the environmental impact of the production of synthetic fur. The chemical by-products of this production process have the potential to do more harm to the environment than the use of the fur from animals that are hunted as part of an ancient way of life that balances the needs of people and wildlife.

There are never simplistic solutions for complex problems. We are proud of the principled, responsible and humane approach that we consistently take in making our products. Nonetheless we recognize that there are some who oppose the use of animal fur under any circumstances. In stating our views and practices, we hope to promote the kind of transparency and context that will inform a reasoned discussion, one that moves beyond the shrill finger-pointing that often characterizes both sides of the debate. Good corporate citizenship requires openness and a willingness to listen to all sides on the issues that affect us all."

For more information visit the official Canada Goose website: Canada Goose Policies

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