Monday, February 6, 2012

I will never get tired of books

I know more and more people are getting into e-readers but I don't think that I will ever convert. I love the feel of a paperback or hardcover book. I have heard that e-readers are supposed to be easy on the eyes, but I just don't believe this. Maybe in time I will convert, but for now, my book shelves are getting fuller and fuller!

Here are a couple of books that I recently ordered:

Because Betty is beautiful and bold!

This was just recommended by the website and it intrigued me. And I remember when Gianni was shot, I was just a kid, but that story stuck with me.

Dominick Dunne is one of my favourite writers and I kept my subscription to Vanity Fair up for years just to read his column!

Because he wrote Marley and Me and a book has never hit home like that one ever before <3

I bought the book "Marley and Me" in an airport before a flight. I took it into a restuarant with me and read the back cover while I was waiting for my meal to arrive. For any of you who have yet to read this book, if your a dog lover and you have lost a dog in your lifetime, the back cover alone brought tears to my eyes. I cried through the last half of the novel and the movie. I'm not one to sob during books or movies but "Marley and Me" is something special.

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