Sunday, April 8, 2012

In search of a new purse! Will it be Tory Burch?

I need a new large black leather purse. The bag I'm looking for has to be durable, classic and a go-everywhere type of bag that can withstand an unreasonable amount of stuff being crammed into it. 

A couple of years ago I bought myself the Coach large black leather Julianne bag for myself for Valentines day when I was living in Vancouver. 

I knew immediately that I would absolutely love this bag with it's silver hardware and purple satin lining for a very long time to come. I even had them wrap the bag as a gift and had a card made out 

To: Me 

From: Me

I'm not kidding, I actually did this! And I took the bag home and opened up the present I had bought for myself :) 

I continue to adore this bag, however, one of the handles snapped and broke inside the leather wrapping. I took the bag to a Coach boutique to see what could be done, and they were great and sent the bag for repair. 

My bag was returned to me a couple of weeks later, still broken! Apparently it could not be repaired to be identical to what it should look like, so they just sent it back broken??? I am still more than annoyed about that - and that was a year ago! 

I called the boutique I had been dealing with and they referred me to a customer care number for north america. At first I was offered 40% of the value of the bag toward a new one. I didn't want a new one! I just wanted mine fixed! After spending a few hundred dollars on it, I just wanted it repaired! After some complaining on my part they offered me 50% of the value of the bag back on a gift card. I accepted that, however, it would have been far easier for them just to fix my bag somehow. 

I used the gift card to buy a clutch while I was in New York City last summer, however since my experience with them and their lack of information regarding the lack of repair to my bag, I don't think I will ever be buying a coach bag again. 

I am finally ready to replace this bag all together and I think I will be going for a Tory Burch bag this time! 

I want this one! The Tory Burch Amanda tote is what I have my eye on! 

I think this purse is big enough for all of the stuff I keep in my purse.... what do you think? 

I want a large black leather purse that is strong, functional and classic. I think this one will be the best one for me for the next couple of years!

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