Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The best appliance Ever! The Mini Cupcake maker by Babycakes!

To coincide with my move, I have to get organized and get all of the things that I will need when I move back out. I set out to get some deals on items that I need in preparation to move and discovered the best appliance ever! 

It caught my eye when I was heading toward the T Fal frying pans were on sale. A flash of pink caught my attention - I initially thought it was a waffle iron! 

It turns out that this is a mini cupcake maker!! It makes 8 mini cupcakes in a matter of minutes! I could not contain my excitement in the store! 

I snapped a picture in the store and sent it to my friends, absolutely elated that such a thing exists! 

You had better believe that this got put in the cart and came home with me!! 

How amazing does it look? I'm going to hold off using it until I move - sorry my dear girls, I will be waiting for the house warming party!! 

And another amazing product that I discovered but didn't purchase yet is the Cake Pop Maker!! Genius! 

This pink cupcake maker absolutely made my day! Even better was that it was on sale! And in case you're wondering, I purchased it at Canadian Tire, but you can probably get it at most major retailers that have small kitchen appliances! 

Happy Baking <3 

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