Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Best Types of Clothes Hangers!

I am going to discuss a very serious subject within my life, or at least in my closet! I am actually blogging about how to hang your clothes! Not only do I have an outrageously large clothing collection, I also have an outrageously large collection of clothes hangers. 

When you have as many clothes as I do, you must learn how to hang them properly! 

You may not be aware, but there are very specific hangers for each item of clothing. 

Here we have a standard clothes hanger. Basic, simple, you have at least a few of these in your closet. What you may not realize is that there are far more types of hangers available to you to help you organize your closet. 

What ever you do, do NOT use the metal style hangers that you get from the dry cleaners. Those are temporary hangers and do not belong in your closet! You can probably put them in the recycling bin - so you should really see if that is an option where you live! 

Here is one option for hanging Dresses: 
This type of hanger lets you hang your dresses and tops by their hanging straps. These types of hangers are functional however, if your closet is extremely full like mine, they aren't the best option. 

The most difficult part of these types of hangers is that they make each item of clothing longer because they are hung by their straps. This is problematic for dresses which may already be long or long tops even longer. 

In my closet this option does not work well because I have two rails. In order to maximize space I want all of my clothes hung as high as possible. 

This style of hanger lets you hang your dresses by their straps or sleeves which keeps them hanging higher. They are my favourite style hanger for this reason. 

These hangers are fairly functional as well however you have to hang your items by their hanging straps which does not allow you to maximize your closet space. 
Another way to maximize your closet real estate is to use pant hangers. Simple as they sound, they let you hang multiple pairs of pants on only one hanger! I don't own a ton of pants, but these hangers are great for your dress pants! The felt covered pant hangers are the best ones that I have found because they help to keep each pair in place. 

Skirts are a whole other issue entirely! 

Do not be fooled into putting a single skirt hanger such as this one in your closet! It is a total waste of space! Even if you only own a few skirts, they are taking up valuable real estate that could be used by an other item in your wardrobe! Or even just giving your more space between your clothes. 

Tiered Skirt Hangers such as these ones are your best option! 

There are two very different style of skirt hangers shown here. The one on the right is far superior to the style on the left. 

The skirt hanger on the left requires you to fold over your skirts across the hanger and causes creases to each of the skirts - depending of course on how often you wear them. If you don't wear your skirts very often this type of hanger is annoying because of the creases it causes. 

The skirt hanger style on the right, or the one shown below is the best style because it lets you hang several skirts on one hanger, and holds them in place wrinkle free! That way whenever you are in the mood for wearing one it's ready for you! 
I use tiered skirt hangers like theses ones, they are functional, practical and do not wrinkle your clothes! They also double as long shirt hangers if you are like me and find hanging straps annoying and cut them out of your clothes! 

As you can tell I have put a considerable amount of time and thought into how to hang my clothes, what can I say? I really love them! Also I don't have a walk-in closet (yet) so I need to maximize the space in my closet as much as possible! 

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