Thursday, July 26, 2012

Should I get an E- Reader?

I have always loved the feeling of a paperback book but lately I have been more inquisitive about E-Readers. Just for the sheer convenience of being able to instantly download a book, and not having to go to the store or order books online and wait for them to be delivered.

Chapters Indigo does free delivery if you spend over $25 on books which isn't difficult but then you always end up buying more than one book because why would you pay for shipping?

With an E-Reader you can instantly download a book anywhere where you can get wifi access and download the book almost instantly!

The biggest question is do I buy an E-Reader like this kobo? Or do I buy an Ipad and then just download the kobo app?

The original kobo is on sale at Chapters right now for $99. Tempting, but the Vox reader which is more of a mutlimedia device is only slight more at $179.

I looked up a few details on the Vox and it plays movies and television shows and has sound where the original Kobo is just strictly an E-Reader.

Here's the real decision, if I'm going to spend $200 on an E-Reader for it's multi functionality, should I not just go ahead and spend $450 on an Ipad?

Decisions, Decisions! And I really don't know what to do! Do any of you have an E-Reader? Or an Ipad? What do I do? What is it like reading a book on an Ipad? Does the battery on the Ipad last as long as a kobo?


  1. Always choose apple technology! Always!

  2. It depends what you want to use it for. The Ipad and Ereaders have very different purposes, or the Ipad covers a lot more.

    One of the biggest difference that help people decide is the screen. With an ereader most use 'electronic ink' which makes it feel like you're staring at paper, while an ipad has an led (i think)/electronic screen. A lot of people find staring at a bright screen for a couple hours to be extremely hard on the ideas, it also gives a lot of glare.

    I personally have a Kindle and loove it! It's so convenient, and a simple basic version is now approximately $80-$100. For me, I really like to read books - but only once. Buying a lot of books wasn't really worth it, but with my ereader I can download as many books as I want (many can be found for free) and instantly, which definitely made the initial $100 worth it (:

    Hope my 2 cents helped!