Thursday, July 5, 2012

Customer Service is Key: Bowring made it right!

This week I was browsing the Bowring website and I noticed that the sofa I purchased was on sale. I was stunned! I purchased the sofa less than 3 weeks ago! And now it's on sale?? 

Obviously unimpressed with this, I took my receipt into the store for a price adjustment. 

Seeing as how I purchased the sofa 2 & 1/2 weeks ago, I felt it was not unreasonable to request a price adjustment for the full amount of the difference. 

After some difficulty I was able to get the District Manager to call me and we reached a mutual agreement. I received a full refund on a gift card to spend in the store. 

I was really frustrated that I even had to argue for the refund and believe that it should be 30 days for a price adjustment. In the end, I am satisfied with the outcome but was unimpressed that it took a considerable amount of my time to achieve. 

I really want a bench near my door for putting my shoes on and I am considering both of these benches. 

I'm not sure if I like the animal print on furniture that I'm going to have for a long time, which is why this bench might be better? 

The white one might be the better choice, and I really like the darker shade. 

I chose to buy my sofa at Bowring because it is a Canadian company and the sofa it's self was made in Canada. I think the company needs a better policy in place to ensure that it keeps repeat customers like myself and does not set up to rip them off. 

Thank you Bowring for being fair and reasonable, but customers should not have to fight for fair. It just goes to shoe, that you should be adamant when it comes to your money. 

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