Sunday, November 20, 2011

Victoria's Secret, Artizia & Jacob

I went into Aritzia today and didn't find any inspiration aside from one cashmere sweater, that really I could take or leave, so I left it. Normally I can find at least a couple of things that I just have to have, but this season the shades are just not doing anything for me. I like really vibrant colours, and they were all really dull. 

They do however have a new parka that I like, I'm over the classic parka that has been around forever, and I like this new one with square front pockets. But seeing as how I just bought a Goose jacket, I can't really justify it. However, if your looking for a winter parka - try this one out! 

Next we went into Jacob and I tried on the skirt from my last post that I really wanted, the sizes were really off and I guess the skirt is supposed to be really short and high-waisted, but it wasn't doing anything for me, so I didn't spend much time mulling it over before leaving the store. I was pretty disappointed because on the mannequin it looked really cute. 

Finally we went into Victoria's Secret, where yet again I was less than impressed. It was actually pretty disappointing! I got a couple of things, but not the one item I was really searching for. We did however smell a couple of perfumes and come across this scent: 

It is absolutely phenomenal, so I bought it! If your looking for a perfume that smells HOT this is the one! This will make you smell sexy no matter what your wearing! 

I couldn't believe how packed the mall was on a sunday night at 7 pm, what were all of these people doing? And why did they have their kids out? I don't think kids should be allowed in the mall on weekends from the beginning of November until the first week of January. It's just too crowded and hectic and for those of us trying to get things done quickly, they just get in our way, and it's annoying no matter how cute they are! 

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