Monday, November 21, 2011

Burch Obsessed

I really hope that Santa baby brings me a Burch bag! I am so tired of my stupid Coach bag that is broken! I'm only using it because it's the only bag big enough to carry all of my stuff around every day (no I'm not reducing the amount of stuff in my purse).  I bought the large black leather with silver detail Julienne a couple of years ago and the handle snapped. I finally got around to taking it in, and they said sure no problem, they would send it in for repair. Apparently Coach ran out of the material to repair the bag - so they sent it back to me - broken! They sent me a gift card for half the value of the bag (not exactly) but all I wanted was my bag fixed! 

I loved this bag :( And instead of having a timeless bag that I can keep forever, that I kept in pristine condition and one day the one handle just snapped! So I need to replace this bag, I still use it because I love it, but I need to replace it with a bag that is actually going to be worth the $700+ I paid for it and last for more than 2 years! 

I do not mind paying for expensive items if they are going to last me, this bag however was a big disappointment. 

That's why I've turned over to Tory Burch! And I'm waiting for the prefect bag to come out from her to replace my huge Coach bag. 

The Reva Clutch 

 Burch Logo scarf 

Blake Lively in a Burch scarf 

This nautical inspired scarf is so cute! Too bad it's too cold where I am to wear a T shirt and scarf like this! Because it's cold I am far more conscious of the clothes in stores right now that are boxy and unflattering so I'm looking for more cute and flattering clothes, but it's so hard when it's so cold out and it's only getting colder! 

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