Thursday, November 17, 2011

I played match maker!!

Very recently I had the opportunity to play cupid! Did this ever make me happy! 

The names and places in this story have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. However, they have not been changed enough that you won't be able to identify them if you suspect you know who they are! 

Last week a friend from work and I, let's call her Hailey, went to get a burger for lunch. We decided to switch it up and go to a specialty burger place, let's call it Quick's. While we were waiting to choose the toppings  for our burgers at Quick's the staff called the guy behind us first! Slightly outraged because we were ahead of him in line, we objected, laughing and started to talk to him, we will call him Jake. 

Because I am so observant, I noticed that Jake was wearing a corporate coat, that matched a very terribly parked corporate van out in the parking lot. Naturally, I made fun of his parking job. Hailey made fun of me for noticing this fact, however, she would come to (but has yet to) thank me later for my observations. 

It was Jake's lucky day when they tried to put peameal bacon on my burger! I was not having that! So Jake volunteered to take my peameal off my hands, so I asked the lady to put the peameal on his burger. She was MORE than slightly confused by this, but after several instructions from us all, finally figured it out and obliged. 

Hailey, Jake and I chatted for a couple of minutes and then it was time for Hailey and I to get back to work, so off we went. 

We got into Hailey's car and she made the passing comment "he was cute" and we waved goodbye to him from the car. At this point I took it upon myself to memorize the name of his company. I knew I was going to need this information if I was going to set them up in the very near future. 

I then asked Hailey if she wanted to go on a date with him. She laughed, and asked me what I was talking about. So I said, "well if you want, I will call his company later and leave a message for him to call you!" 

She laughed, but I don't think she really took me seriously, not sure why, anyone that really knows me would know that I was being serious! 

The following day, I called the company, spoke with the secretary, and told her that I wanted to leave a message for Jake, and left "my" (Hailey's) phone number. 


Drum roll please!! He called her first thing on monday morning when he got the message! And they talked, and they went on a date last night!! And there might even be a second date!!! And they had something to talk about - lol the way they were set up! 

I really hope this works out so that I can tell this story at their wedding, if there is a wedding! No pressure guys! 

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