Friday, December 23, 2011

Scarpetta Toronto at the Thompson Hotel - Chef de Cuisine Hunter

Recently I was asked to take some pictures for a friend of mine who is the Chef de Cuisine at Scarpetta, in the Thompson Hotel Toronto. He wanted an updated profile photo for their website, and easily enticed me to do so with the promise of food. Little did I know, I was going to have a dinner experience that would change food for me forever!

I took a couple of girlfriends with me and I had the most delicious meal I can remember. I had the butternut squash soup (hold the brussel sprouts), the handmade spaghetti (which I wanted to try even though I am not partial to spaghetti but websites were raving about it - and I can tell you it's the truth!) and an assortment of desserts and italian red. The meal was absolutely PHENOMENAL!!
What good is fabulous food without your fabulous bff? 

I'm not just saying this because he's my friend, but I will never ever feel the same way about butternut squash soup ever again. It was almost to the point that I was having dreams of butternut squash soup. The cravings still exist and I don't know how much longer I can stay away from Scarpetta! I have also never ever experienced spaghetti so delicious that I was at a loss for words- Me! 

I will never feel the same way about spaghetti 

Here is the picture the soon to be famous Chef Hunter choose! 

Chef Hunter's favourite picture 

All cleaned up! 

Scarpetta was a tremendous experience and I throughly enjoyed the food, the atmosphere and the service, they were absolutely unparalleled! Don't hesitate, make your reservation you will not be disappointed! When you go make sure you enjoy three or even four courses, it will change how you feel about food forever! 

As a personal aside: 

I was craving butternut squash soup so much the following monday (and this is not something I eat regularly) that I went to the grocery store at lunch and bought a box. I brought it back to my office, heated it up, took a spoon full, and almost spit it out across the lunchroom table - it was terrible!! Immediately I stood up, disgusted, and dumped the soup down the drain. Butternut squash soup has reached an unprecedented level of food euphoria for me and everything else pales in comparison. 

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